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The ecological way to repel water
ecorepel®, the ecological way to repel water
Isnˇt it fascinating how ducks can dive under water and re-emerge with their feathers still dry? Ducks
and all water fowl produce an oily secretion that makes their plumage repel water. The textile finish
ecorepel® biomimics this natural impregnation water repellent function.
ecorepel® imitates this natural protection as a highly functional, odorless, high-tech finish. It is based
on long paraffin chains that wrap themselves spiral-like around individual fibers, filaments or yarns in
a very fine film. This reduces surface tension so that water droplets and even mud with significantly
higher surface tension run off simply. The breathability is not affected and the feel remains pleasantly
soft. ecorepel® offers modern and clean water and mud repellence inspired by nature.
The benefits of ecorepel®:
• Water repelling: Water droplets run off simply and easily. The ecorepel® finish can be
optimized to ensure passage of the Raintest AATCC Test Method 35-2006.*
• Dirt repelling: Watery dirt such as sludge and mud are much less able to adhere to the fabric.
• Ecological: ecorepel® is free of fluorocarbon, complies to the
bluesign® standard and passes Oeko®-Tex Standard 100.
• Biological and safe: ecorepel® is easily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 302 B (80100 %).
• Universal: ecorepel® is effective on many types of fiber and many blends.
• Washable and easy care: Outstanding washing resistance (min. 30 washing cycles at 40 C),
function can be easily reactivated in the dryer (no more ironing necessary); alternatively, line
drying is also possible.
• Breathable: No effect on breathability (in accordance with ISO 11092).
• Abrasion resistant: No effect on the feel despite a high level of resistance to abrasion and chaffing.
The use of ecorepel®:
• Garment: Protection against rain and dirt on soft-shell or outdoor jackets, pants, as well as
cotton articles.
• Non-garment: Very good for impregnation of umbrella fabrics.
* As the functionality is dependent on the material and the construction of the fabric, preliminary tests in cooperation with
Schoeller Technologies are recommended.
Water droplets and
mud run off easily
remains intact
Cross section of
fiber with paraffin chains
Paraffin chain
(helix structure)
The paraffin chains are bound to the fiber by means of a sophisticated docking system. The honeycomb-like
paraffin chains consist of CH3 groups that are spread over the entire area and reduce the surface tension so
that water droplets and watery dirt run off easily.
ecorepel® is a registered trademark of Schoeller Technologies AG, Switzerland.
Copyright: Schoeller Technologies AG, Switzerland
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